Modecor presents an exclusive novelty in chocolate customization! 

Following the latest pastry trend; to manually reproduce your brand on chocolate, through the creation of a seal, that looks like sealing wax. Through an engineering process, Modecor has created a customized ready to use seal, which keeps an artisanal look, proper of a handmade product. The difference? We make it for you…

- Extremely artisanal look, like a handmade product 
- Each seal is unique, thanks to the innovative process 
- Logo reproduction through engraving, without any adding print colour


Why choose Modecor? 
  1. 27 printing colours (19 pastel, 8 pearly)

  2. 100% pure dark chocolate (cacao min. 60%), white and Ruby (news 2019)

  3. 20 shapes 

How to order:
  • Send us your logo in .eps or .jpg format
  • Choose your customization, the shape, print color and quantity
  • Send your request through our agent, per email or contact our customer service
  • Modecor will send you the digital proposal of the customization required

All the customizations